“Creativity is Knowledge”, as Albert Einstein pronounced, we believe carries the central vibration of our motto and motivation to develop an Institution from dream to reality. We initiated in 2013 as a new academic organ of Higher Education Department of West Bengal Government, conceived by Hon. Chief Minister, Ms. Mamata Banerjee at Mahamaya High School premises adjacent to Singur Railway Station temporarily. Our own buildings, Playgrounds, Laboratories, Canteen, Students’ Activity Centre and relevant infrastructure is being developed by Public Works Department at Jalaghata, thirty miniutes walk from the present place of operation.

Formerly Singhapur, now Singur, is the place which gave birth to a brave King Simhal Bijoy Singha, thousands of years ago, who eventually had overcome the Seas and Ocean to establish Singhal, presently known as Sri Lanka. Also we are aware of reforms by Sir Surendranath Mullick to bring light of modern education here, including fetching grants from Rockefeller’s Foundation of USA in late nineteenth century to fight the then deadly Malaria and above all the globally famous mass-protest by farmers of Singur to protect the most fertile agricultural lands against private profit-making companies in recent past that generated a wider movement all over Bengal and India and brought a change in governance through general election in West Bengal in 2011.