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Post Matric Scholarship

For post matric scholarship for SC/ST/OBC all the student applicants are hereby advised to submit their hard copies to the BDO office,Singur on 9th and 10th October,2017 positively

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As per Tender Notice Published in “The Statesman”& “Ei Samai” Newspapers on 26/8/2017 LIST OF LABORATORY EQUIPMENTS TO BE PURCHASED IN THE YEAR 2017-18 (DEPARTMENTWISE) (as per Tender Notice Published in “The Statesman”& “Ei Samai”  Newspapers on 26/8/2017) ZOOLOGY SL NO. NAME OF THE  EQUIPMENT 1 i)Compound Microscope with Photographic Attachment  with/without Camera (GIPPON GETNER /OLYMPUS Make) ii)Students Compound Microscope (Olympus) 2 SDS PAGE Gel Apparatus Small (TARSON make) 3 Shali’s Haemoglobinometer Shali’s Haemoglobinometer Germany 4 Sphygmomanometer for Blood Pressure measurement 5 i)Vis-Spectrophotometer (EI India Make) Model 304 ii)Vis-Spectrophotometer 6 Cooling Centrifuge (REMI Make) 7 ELISA Teaching Kit 8 Colorimeter 9 Hot plate 10 Field Binocular  Olympus 11 Sedgwick Rafter 12 Haemocytometer Germany 13 Atomic Model Set (Code:061000) Senior Set (Tarson make) 14 pH meter portable 15 Balance         BOTANY Sl No. Name of the Equipment 1 Students Compound Microscope ( Olympus) 2 compound microscope with Photographic Attachment  with/without Camera 3 Dissecting Microscope 4 Temperature control Digital Water Bath 5 Pan Balance 6 Clamp and Stand 7 pH Meter and Conductivity meter 8 camera lucida 9 stage and Occular micrometer 10 Colorimeter 11 DNA Gel Apparatus 12 UV Transilluminator 13 Vortex 14 Camera for field work 15 Thermometer 16 Micropipette 20-200ul / Micropipette 200-1000ul / Micropipette 2-20ul CHEMISTRY SL NO. NAME OF THE EQUIPMENT 1 Heating Mantle(500ml) Censia 2 Melting Point Apparatus with temperature controller (Electric)...

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