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Notice for post matric scholarship (http://singurgovtcollege.org/userfiles/file/Scholarship Notice/AIKYASHREE POST MATRIC NOTICE 28.04.21-converted.pdf)

Notice for SVMCM renewal: unlocked application list (http://singurgovtcollege.org/userfiles/file/Scholarship Notice/SVMCM renewal notice 26.04.21.pdf)

Notice for svmcm renewal marks percentage calculation (http://singurgovtcollege.org/userfiles/file/Scholarship Notice/svmcm Renewal marks percentage.pdf)

স্বামী বিবেকানন্দ স্কলারশিপ রিনিউআল এর মার্ক্স্ পার্সেন্টেজ ক্যালকুলেশন এর নোটিস (http://singurgovtcollege.org/userfiles/file/Scholarship Notice/ বিবেকানন্দ স্কলারশিপ মার্ক্স্.pdf)

Scholarship Notice for SVMCM renewal (http://singurgovtcollege.org/userfiles/file/Scholarship Notice/svmcm renewal.pdf)

From now on all communications regarding scholarship will be done on college website and the scholarship related WhatsApp groups will be terminated.


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