• Singur, Hooghly, West Bengal, India

Code of Conduct

Government General Degree College, Singur has got a well- defined Code of Conduct for the students. Students being an integral part of the Teaching -learning process, the College takes care that they turn into morally and socially responsible National and Global citizens. It is mandatory for the students to follow this Code of Conduct both inside and outside the campus. This helps to maintain the strict discipline of the college as also the academic environment.

  • Students must be respectful towards our National Heritage, National Flag and National Song.
  • Polite and respectful behaviour towards the Principal, teachers and non-teaching staff and must not use any kind of abusive behaviour or language.
  • All students are expected to follow the Attendance Rules of the College as per directives of the University of Calcutta. If a student remains continuously absent for more than 10 days without prior permission or intimation, her name may be struck off from the college register.
  • In this Pandemic situation Students must adhere to the prescribed COVID Protocols.
  • Every Student must carry the Identity Card issued to her inside the College Campus. The I-Card is a proof of her status as a Student of the College 
  • Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited and is a punishable offence. Anti- Ragging rules following UGC guidelines is to be maintained by the students. Submission of Anti Ragging Declaration is mandatory for all students. Any incidence of Ragging should be immediately reported to the Anti Ragging Cell of the College.
  • It is the responsibility of the students to keep the campus clean. Care should be taken to maintain the cleanliness of Toilets. Littering is strictly forbidden and anyone found littering will have to pay a fine to be decided by the Administration.
  • Any kind of discriminatory behaviour on the basis of Caste, Creed and Religion will not be tolerated. 
  • Students must go through the Prospectus, departmental and students’ Notice Board as well as the college website regularly for information. 
  • Students are expected to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the College Library. 
  • Students must handle the College property, furniture, laboratory equipment, glassware, library books etc. with utmost care. 
  • Students are expected to be decently dressed within the College Campus. 
  • Students are not allowed to use cell phones and other electronic gadgets during class lectures and practical classes inside the classrooms / laboratories. Use of cell phones is strictly prohibited in the examination hall. 
  • Students should take care of their personal belongings. Authority is not responsible for any loss of personal property. 
  • Students must inform their guardians regarding Parent-Teacher Meetings when notified by the College. 
  • Students of the College are expected to participate in college activities like Seminars, Workshops, Training programmes, Certificate Courses etc. Their active participation in college events like NSS programmes, Sports, Fest and other cultural functions will be highly appreciated. 
  • Students must take note that the college campus and the library is under CCTV surveillance.

 Employee Service Rule

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