• Singur, Hooghly, West Bengal, India

ICT Facilities

The College has Computer Science department with two computer laboratories presently equipped with numerous desktop computers along with LaserJet printers and laptop. Other than the Computer Science department, the Mathematics and Physics department also has a computer laboratory. Currently, the computer laboratory of these two departments is equipped with desktop computers along the printing facilities. Other science departments also have desktop computers with printing facilities for their students. Apart from the desktop computer, laptop, and printer, most of the science departments have one or more mobile LCD projectors to help other departments to use these projectors as and when required. The college has a broadband internet connection of 100 MBPS. All the computer laboratories have internet facilities. Aside from this broadband connection, the college has another backup broadband connection of 20 MBPS. The college has fixed IP address for conducting official work. The college has a registered domain for its website, and the information on the website is regularly updated. Apart from this website, the college also has a separate web portal for the student admission process. The entire admission process is conducted in fully online mode. In addition, the library is also digitized and lending process is conducted by online mode along with offline one.