• Singur, Hooghly, West Bengal, India

Ethics And Value Education

Ethics and value education are sought to be imparted to the students to create awareness and inculcate commitment among the students about social responsibilities and foster moral values in them, improving their quality of life through holistic education. 


Some of the ethical practices regularly followed include:

  • Two water bodies are maintained within the college which serves as water reserves perennially harbouring a rich planktonic diversity.
  • The college regularly organizes student programs for planting trees and maintaining cleanliness of the campus.    
  • A group called ‘Wild Flora and Fauna of Hooghly’ is maintained by the students and teachers of this college since 2017 which regularly uploads photographs and information about the local bio-diversity. Link : https://m.facebook.com/groups/391514618073313?group_view_referrer=profile_browser 
  • Respected Principal Dr. Santanu Chakrabarti and Dr. Debajyoti Chakrabarty, Associate Professor in Zoology are the members of Biodiversity management committee of Singur Panchayet Samiti/ Block, actively participating in local biodiversity conservation and management programmes.
    Link: Biodiversity Committee
  • Solar panel with the ability to generate 10000 kW of electricity has been commissioned in the College by the WBPCB & Dept. Of Energy, Govt. of West Bengal on and from 25th March, 2021
  • From an ethical point of view, the Department of Zoology strictly follows animal ethics guidelines as stated in the syllabi of affiliating Burdwan University. Experimental animals are sacrificed following the standard protocol as prescribed by the UGC and are disposed accordingly.
  • The Department of Anthropology uses only plastic models to demonstrate human bones and no original skeleton is maintained in the department. All data collection for academic purposes of field study is done ethically, after the verbal consent of the interviewee is duly collected.
  • The Department of Botany never destroys endangered and rare plants even in their field visits and the flora in and around the college campus are taken care of.
  • A dedicated psychological counselling cell regularly apprises students regarding their mental well-being helping them to curb their general levels of stress and anxiety, thereby improving their focus and level of engagement in class and increasing their participation in academic and extra-academic programmes.


Students also imbibe both theoretical as well practical aspects of ethics through a regular series of lectures delivered by eminent speakers from different fields. 

  • On 30th September, 2021 the Department of Sociology in collaboration with IQAC, Government General Degree College, Singur organized National Level Online Lecture Series through You Tube Live Streaming and Google platforms. Swami Narasimhananda, Secretary, Ramkrishna Mission Sevashrama, Kozhikode, Kerala, spoke on Secularization and Religious Fundamentalism Today. The lecture highlighted the differing perceptions of religion and the assessment of religious fundamentalism in the contemporary world. 
  • The college observed the 125th anniversary of Swami Vivekananda’s Chicago speech by celebrating ‘Sampriti Saptaha’ from 11th to 17th September, 2018. Special lectures by distinguished personalities and student participation in various cultural programmes and competitions to mark the event instilled a sense of brotherhood and pride in one’s heritage. In a similar vein the institution organised Malhar Utsav and Nad-Yoga workshop in the session 2018-2019 under the aegis of vocalist Vidushi Ashoka Dhar, introducing students to a non-mainstream branch of classical music and reinforcing the ethical and aesthetic values of respecting one’s roots.


  • To promote a multicultural, multilingual and secular co-educational learning environment that is inclusive, tolerant, and supportive of the pursuit of knowledge which goes well beyond the explicitly stated demands of the syllabus.
  • To provide education that is accessible to all and inexpensive in nature, thereby constructing a democratic space fostering academic excellence.
  • Situated amidst lush greenness at Jalaghata, Singur, the aim of this college has always been to conserve the rich biodiversity within and around the college. The institute is always trying to minimize any interference during infrastructural development by focusing on sustainable co-existence.
  • The college along with the Singur chapter of NSS has organised periodic awareness campaigns about communicable diseases and blood testing initiatives on World Thalassemia Day alongside student-teacher marches on World AIDS Day to spread awareness of such diseases. 
  • The students have been taught to appreciate their environment with the observation of Van Mahotsav Week.
  • NSS working in tandem with the Kanyashree Club had participated in the “Beti Padao, Beti Bachao” campaign of 2018-19 to bring into focus the need for awareness and support required to prevent child marriage and make higher education more readily accessible to female students so as to improve the quality of life in society as a whole. The Kanyashree Club of the college has worked closely with the BDO to spread awareness of gender inequality through participation in cultural activities to observe Kanyashree Divas. Students have regularly won prizes in arts competitions organised at the block level for purposes of gender sensitisation since 2019.
  • Amidst periods of lockdown and the subsequent reopening of educational institutions in the past year, the College has organized several Awareness and Sensitization programmes and Counselling Sessions.


The ethical principles of justice and non-maleficence are upheld through the diligent intervention and support provided by the following sub-committees: 


The ICC works actively towards promoting Gender Sensitization and preventing Sexual Harassment within the college campus. 

This committee is established to check the overall atmosphere in the college and undertakes necessary counselling to prevent any unforeseen incidents relating to sexual harassment.


There is a disciplinary committee consisting of a group of teachers to look after the discipline amongst the students of the college.

The college has zero tolerance towards anyone found to be involved in ragging and harassment of students within the college premises. 

As per the Hon. Supreme Court and the UGC Regulations, all students of this college will have to fill in an Anti-Ragging Affidavit each year.


Complaints and suggestions in public interest regarding the college maybe sent either by post or via email. 

A drop box is also located at the main building for this purpose. Students have to fill in an Anti-Ragging Affidavit each year.