• Singur, Hooghly, West Bengal, India


  • The College provides access to all necessary financial support schemes to the learners.
  • The learners are guided to avail the scholarships they are eligible for during the period of their study. The College has set up a dedicated Sub-Committee to look into the application, processing, and proper disbursement of scholarships for adequate financial support of the students. 
  • Some of the scholarships availed by the students include: Kanyashree Prokolpo Scheme, Merit-cum-Means Scholarship, Post-Matric Scholarship (for minority SC, ST and OBC students), INSPIRE Scholarship, Student Credit Card Scheme etc. 
  • The College has also its own Kanyashree Club, functioning regularly since 2017. Recipients of the Kanyashree Prokolpo Scheme are its active members.