• Singur, Hooghly, West Bengal, India

NPTEL Swayam Local Chapter

NPTEL has been offering self-study courses across engineering, humanities and science streams for more than a decade. These are available at: http://nptel.ac.in. 

From March 2014, NPTEL has been offering online certification for its courses, the highlight being the certification examination through which the student gets an opportunity to earn a certificate from the IITs.

These are available at: https://swayam.gov.in/NPTEL

To take this initiative forward and to encourage more students across colleges to participate in this initiative, they have created SWAYAM-NPTEL chapter in colleges which will be under the headship of a faculty member of the college who would be our Single Point of Contact (SPOC). NPTEL will keep the SPOC updated about all the latest NPTEL initiatives and give him/her information which he/she can disseminate among the students. He/she can identify suitable mentors for various courses who can ensure that students are active in a course, are submitting their assignments on time and also clarifying their doubts, if any.

  • Dr. Amrit Krishna Mitra from the department of Chemistry has taken the initiative to establish Government General Degree College, Singur as the Local Chapter [ID: 3772] of SWAYAM-NPTEL in the district of Hooghly and Dr. Mitra has also been appointed as the SPOC of this Local Chapter.  
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