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Faculty Awards & Recognition

Awards and Recognitions received for extension activities from government/government recognized bodies

Awards and recognition received by faculties

Monohar Hossain Mondal

Monohar Hossain Mondal, Assistant Professor Department of Chemistry won 2nd runner up award in the 2nd runner up award in the 2nd Regional science and Technology congress (16-17th November,2017).


Dr. Santanu Chakrabarti

Dr. Santanu Chakrabarti, Principal, has received the prestigious “ Siksha-ratna” award from Government of West Bengal on 5th September, 2018 for his valuable contribution in the field of Higher Education.

Dr. Biswanath Malakar

Dr. Biswanath Malakar, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, received P.C. BISWAS MEMORIAL AWARD for best poster in national seminar (20-21st February, 2018) on "Anthropology, Health and Development: Trends and Future Perspective". 


Dr. Amrit Krishna Mitra

Dr. Amrit Krishna Mitra, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry recognised as NPTEL DISCIPLINE STAR Jan- Apr 2022 and his contribution in Swayam NPTEL portal has helped students in their curriculum.

Dr. Piyali Bhar

Dr. Piyali Bhar, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, have been placed among the top 2% scientists of the world in two consecutive years according to the survey by researchers from Stanford University, USA in Nuclear & Particle Physics which has been published in PLOS Biology. 

The links are: https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pbio.3000918

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Dr. Bhaskar Gupta

Dr. Bhaskar Gupta, Associate Professor, Deparment of Zoology, Dr. Kamala Gupta, Associate Professor, Department of Botany and Dr. Piyali Bhar, Assistant Professor, Department of mathematics have been enlisted in World Scientist and University Rankings 2021 based on "AD Scientific Index". World Scientist and University Rankings 2022 - AD Scientific Index 2022