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A daylong programme was organized by the Department of Sociology, Government General Degree College, Singur on 15th March, 2018. The day also witnessed the inauguration of the Annual Departmental Wall Magazine titled: Samaj‘darpan’: Volume II. Under the gracious inauguration of the wall magazine by Dr. Santanu Chakrabarti, Principal, Government General Degree College, Singur the students, faculty members actively engaged themselves in the day-long programme organized at the college Seminar Hall.

The second session of the Seminar witnessed the screening of the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” directed by Tim Burton. The initiative was to incorporate ICT as a teaching tool to encourage critical understanding about the social setting and contemporary societal problems. The significance of using movies as an aide for active learning and to make students workout ways through which the bridge between what is learned through textbooks and how to analyze the actual social strains and relationships can be developed. The movie watching session was divided into three parts as per the protocol of using such aides:

  • Pre-screening Session: In this session a brief background illustration of the movie was presented to the audience to make them prepared for watching the movie.
  • During screening Session: Audience was provided with a pattern involving four sub-sections namely: Culture, Roles and Status, Social Strains and Theoretical Underpinnings. They were to take a note of the points under these categories that they found to be striking while they watched the movie.
  • Post-screening Session: Along with the active participation of the faculty members students engaged in discussions about what they found analytically relevant in the movie.

With the immense help from the Principal, faculty members and active and enthusiastic participation of the students the programme was a huge success.

Some photographs taken during various sessions during the Seminar:

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